Without a doubt I am passionate about pamper & the profound effect it has on us, but I am super passionate about women taking care of themselves in the pre & postnatal period. 

It’s an exciting time, but it can be challenging for numerous reasons;  be it physically,feeling uncomfortable,mentally & emotionally tired, feeling heightened times of anxiety & uncertainty. 

A nurturing massage is a great way to re-balance & remember who you are & to feel great throughout your pregnancy & then beyond. Soothing the nervous system, easing tightness & tensions, increasing the happy hormones.

Happy mum, happy baby! Regular massage not only benefits the mum to be but also the health of the baby & pregnancy.  

Treating yourself beyond pregnancy after the labour is EQUALLY as important, perhaps even more so. To nurture yourself after 9 months of your body going through the most extraordinary changes & after the labour, will not only help with exhaustion & fatigue but can help ease backaches, stress, headaches & postnatal depression. 

Rest is an important part of the postnatal recovery. I treat using a soothing massage with intuitive touch to help renew. 

The massage will help the (new) mum fight fatigue by encouraging circulation,  lymphatic drainage & will receive relief from the bodies built up aches & pains from the pregnancy & labour.

Soothing your soul & nourishing your body, I use Nom Nom organics, which is a multi-award winning, handmade, certified organic mum & baby skincare.

Nom Nom is a range you can trust and will love….I also use moogwax  for a slightly firmer massage, which is made from 100% natural ingredients.


70 mins



60 mins