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Super charge your skin

A-lift is a new, age reversal treatment using unique nano & micro current technology to re-energise cells in our face & body.

With immediate results & long lasting effects. Non invasive & pain free, it’s a revolutionary skin health treatment that is proven to fight the signs of ageing!


Our skin cells are like batteries. They produce lots of energy (known as ATP) which causes the skin to regenerate & stay looking healthy & supple. As we get older (from mid 20’s) the power in these cells decrease, meaning our ATP levels are lower. As a result, your skin starts to lose its youthfulness & the muscles in the face, neck & jaw start to sag.  Skin is less hydrated, collagen, elastin production is reduced, resulting in thinner, loosened, less plump wrinkled skin.


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A-Lift uses the latest technology to combat ageing at a cellular & muscular level. 

Nanocurrent technology (electro-stimulation at such tiny wavelengths they can’t be felt) it is known & proven to increase ATP production (by up to 500%) in cells to accelerate their metabolism, making our cells “act younger. Skin is firmer, hydrated, feels fresh & plump to the touch & looks refreshed & healthy. The glow of youth!


A-Lift is the only machine available that automatically monitors, reprograms and adjusts its output frequency 16 times a second to mimic your skins personal unique frequency. Making it a superior precise facial for true skin regeneration & rejuvenation.


All treatments are recommended as part of a course of 6 - 10 dependent on age/concerns

*Discounts given on courses purchased*

Maintenance treatments every 4 - 6 weeks thereafter to help retain long term benefits